What To Expect

visiting the clinic

  1. Making Contact

Giving a call to a chiropractic clinic to book an appointment because you are suffering from: back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headache, migraine, muscle spasm, sports injury

  1. Arriving at the clinic

You go to the clinic and give some important details. Health care workers make you comfortable and show you around before you go through your appointment.

  1. Taking your full case history

A chiropractor will start your appointment by listening to you and asking you more specific questions about the symptoms that you are feeling and your past medical records history

  1. Performing a full Chiropractic examination

The Chiropractor will examine you from top to toe looking at your spine, nerves, joints and muscles to see exactly what is going on and where the root of your problem is

  1. Taking x-rays if necessary

Your Chiropractor will ask you to undergo an x-ray if necessary.

  1. Studying the findings

Your chiropractor will give you advice to make you comfortable while they are studying all of the findings.

  1. Reporting back the result/findings

You will know the result on your next appointment. X-rays will be shown if you have taken one. You are told of what must be done to help you, how many sessions you will need to sort out the problem and of course, how much you will be spending for it.

  1. Starting your treatment plan

Your Chiropractor will use specific and gentle adjustments to help you on your way to recovery from pain to health.

  1. Monitoring your improvements

Your Chiropractor will regularly reassess your condition and report back your progress and what needs to be done to take you on the next level.

  1. Maintaining your improved health

When you are back on track, we offer continuous wellbeing care for if you want to not only keep the pain away but to be at their best on health.